Computer Repair in Columbia SC
Storefront in West Columbia 1211 D Ave

Is your computer running slow? Do you need to do things your computer wont allow you to do?

If you need upgrades to your hardware, we are glad to offer a quote on what the upgrade will cost. If you decide that an upgrade is too expensive, you can check out our new and used systems and find something that runs faster than what you currently have.

The most commonly upgraded parts are the hard drive and the RAM (memory). We stock the most common types of hard drives and RAM so that we can quickly make the upgrade and get your computer back to you. We can also update other components such as video cards and CD/DVD drives.

Come by and let us know why you need to upgrade, and we’ll let you know your best options┬áto meet your needs.

1211 D Avenue West Columbia, SC 794-5115
Service at your location as low as $45