Computer Repair in Columbia SC
Storefront in West Columbia 1211 D Ave

Free System Diagnostic
This diagnostic includes a basic inspection of your system and running diagnostic software.

Advanced Diagnostic : $20
For TV’s and printers. Some laptop diagnostics may apply but you will be notified for approval.

Virus/spyware/adware Removal with Free Antivirus 3 month warranty: $50
If the system files have not been damaged by the viruses on your computer, we can remove and clean viruses, spyware, and adware from your computer. Bring it back any time for a  free cleaning for up to 3 months.

Re-install Operating System, Drivers, Free Antivirus, and Windows Updates 3 month warranty: $60
This price is valid if you have an authentic copy of windows on your computer. We will reinstall your operating system, and reinstall Microsoft Office if you have a licensed copy.

Data Recovery: $50 Data Recovery with operating system re-install: $20
We will back up any of your documents, favorites, music, pictures, and any other data files like quickbooks and outlook. We can not backup installed software that you have purchased and installed. We are able to clone your old drive to a new one if the old drive is still functional this would keep all your installed software but will also copy any software problems you are having as well.

Hardware Installation:
All RAM (memory), hard drives, video cards, and other cards that are purchased at PC Laser Tech will be installed free of charge.

Other Estimates:
Most Desktop  MOTHERBOARDS can be replaced for $60 plus motherboard cost, Laptop Motherboards for $60 plus motherboard cost.

 LAPTOP LCD repairs non touch 15″ $100, 17″ $120. Please call with the model of your laptop for a quote.

ALL  LAPTOP Power JACK repairs are $75, $90 if soldering is required . Call with the model of your laptop for a quote.

1211 D Avenue West Columbia, SC 794-5115
Service at your location as low as $45