Computer Repair in Columbia SC
Storefront in West Columbia 1211 D Ave
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell used computers?
Yes!  We have a variety of used computers, but our inventory and prices are always changing.

Can you get rid of the viruses on my computer?
Yes!  Check our pricing page for more details.

Do you buy used computers?
We are not in the business of buying used computers.  However, if you are interested in trading your old system in for a credit, please ask!

Can you recycle old broken computers and monitors?
Call us and we will talk with you about what you have.  In most cases we will come pick up your old system.  We use whatever parts are still good and recycle the scrap metal and components.

Why should I buy from you and not order my computer online or go to Best Buy?
If you buy your computer at PC Laser Tech, you know that you can come back and speak to someone who cares about your needs.  We will also stand behind our work and provide fair prices on everything we do.

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